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Pruthviraja L

Hi, I am Pruthviraja L, with over 7 years of teaching and training experience from various technical institutes. I'm a Certified Data Analyst holding valuable certifications from various eLearning centers including Udemy, Intellipaat-Bengaluru, LinkedIn eLearning center, etc.

My skillset includes Matlab, Python, SAS, R , AI and Machine learning, Data Science and Data Analysis.

I'm a multi faceted software professional aspirant with demonstrated capability in deploying analytical and programming methodologies to extract insights for boosting and bolstering user requirements. Pro at conducting statistical analysis and data modeling for transforming raw data into actionable strategies.

Regarded as the author of the book - 'Elements of Electrical Engineering' under the publication of 'I.K. International Publishing House Pvt Ltd', New Delhi, India, easily available in many countries including the USA and UK via Amazon and many other seller portals.

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